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Danielle Wilkinson

Shamanic Priestess, MentorSpiritual Guide, Energy Intuitive, Visionary Artist, Chanel, Author 

Certified Reiki Master/Teacher, Certified Advanced Psychic Medium, 

Shamanic Practitioner, Yoga Instructor (RYT 500 hours), Certified Mindfulness Educator, Certified K-12 Art Instructor, BA Fine Arts 


​My intention is to awaken the divine connection in all of us by tapping into our highest selves.

I let spirit and my intuition lead the way as I act as your guide and assist in your physical/mental/spiritual evolution. My private energy healing sessions, classes, workshops & retreats all have a unifying purpose, to assist you to become the best version of you. 


     I create space for you to: 


  • Rediscover Your Authentic Truth

  • Find Stillness in Modern Chaos

  • Ignite Your Inner Purpose

  • Activate Your Inner Bliss

  • Awaken to Your Highest Potential 

Join me and embark on a magnificent journey as I hold space for you to come home to yourself.

      Much Love, 

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